DO NOT ADVERTISE your site on club penguin, i was given a warning about it.

Thankfully, I was not Banned. THANKS CLUB PENGUIN!



~ by greenfirez on June 24, 2008.

22 Responses to “DO NOT ADVERTISE”

  1. Nice site, can I be on your blogroll here’s the link

  2. yes u r now on here

  3. where is the blog roll at?

  4. dude make sure you dony say anything bad i would die almost if that happend to me ok bye.


  5. im nice reddy’s friend too. I checked club penguin trio and it said to come here. I just wanted to say sweet site ill come here tomorrow and other days bye have a nice summer!!!☺☻☺☻☺☻!!11!1

  6. When that happend to me i was OMG WHT DID I DO

  7. Ok some of your comments have been posted!

  8. Is your comments there?

  9. thats just wierd! That’s never happened to me? someone must have “told” on you!

  10. wait that’s not rightwhat did you say about the site if you mentioned its yours i think it thinks you gave personal info!
    p.s. i wish if you were a clean penguin not banned for a year you would get a free non ban just a warning!

  11. Well i read the club penguin rules and it said number 3 it says this

    “Collection of Information for Third-Party Sites and Sponsors
    We do not allow third-party companies to solicit or advertise to our users. Our intention is to keep Club Penguin free from any of this sort of direct advertising.”

    That is what it says in the club pengiom rules.

  12. And another thing this is what i said


    Thats it and nothing else!

  13. Oh yeah i think the reason why i got a WARNING (Which i am thankful for) is there was a modarator on club penguin at that momment.

  14. Another thing, if you see someone advertising, give them a warning! That is helping penguins out!

  15. darn oh well!

  16. you have to desquise it by adding exclammation marks i think!

  17. Nice reddy, lets go on club penguin

  18. i will be in mammoth

  19. Where is the blog roll?

  20. R u a rare penguin?

  21. um i guess you could say that im 451 days old!

  22. dude put me on your blogroll ill put you on the link to my site is

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