Me and Nice Reddy

As to return the favor…

Here is a picture of me and my friend Nice Reddy. He helped with my blog by giving me tips. 




~ by greenfirez on June 24, 2008.

9 Responses to “Me and Nice Reddy”

  1. no prob i love helping people!

  2. Another thing

    where is the hit counter like you have on your website?

    where it says “How many hits do we have?”

  3. um lemme get back to you on that one just a sec!

  4. ok i got the answer add the blog stats widget on for the correct ammount of hits! ( you should put it near the top since it’s kind of important!

  5. how did i get so many hits?

  6. 145 hits already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WO!
    p.s. HAHAHAHA you thought you had 2 😛

  7. 2 things

    you said something about tht last night. did you do anything?

    and how do i change my picture for my icon? Like yours is a penguin upside down.

  8. oh its not upside down that was from the April Fools day party! and you go to um options then there’s a pic of the green pattern and you can download a new pic so that when you comment you do that picture instead of the pattern!
    p.s. everytime i comment it counts as one hit so ya plus bidge commented and everytime i switch to another post or page you get another hit
    p.s.s. im one hit away from 300 just today!

  9. ya that’s what i was going to do in the thursday newspaper post but whatever! I’ll do it now!

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