Rock Hopper Coming

Hello! Rock Hopper is coming!






~ by greenfirez on June 24, 2008.

15 Responses to “Rock Hopper Coming”

  1. pretty good at this already! Unfortunately with this theme you cant have a picture at the top of your site!

  2. um when your choosing themes under it in the tags section you need to have it say customizable header or else it can’t have a pic at the top (i also prefer a theme that has better commenting cuz with this one the like thingy in front of where you’re writing doesn’t show up so it is annoying and the blog stats just drag stats into the widgets and it should work!
    p.s. do you want the blogroll on there too (the thing where you click like Club Penguin Trio and it goes t0o our site! just drag links and add some sites to the links!

  3. BTW how many hits do you have right now????????

  4. I have 2 hits

  5. thats not right check your blog stats on your dash board! I commentd way to much to it have only been 2 hits!

  6. also the sidebar changed when you changed the theme you have to make the pic smaller!
    p.s. im talking bout the pin one

  7. Oh yeah, can you go on club penguin now?

  8. I choose a different theme, but i hope it is not like yours because it kind of does look like it.

  9. um ya sorry to say but ITS THE SAME EXACT ONE! but i dont really care i know lots of sites that have this theme! (im on mammoth right now!)

  10. sorry bout tht

  11. I am gonna take your picture in my igloo

  12. cool

  13. bad picture retake

  14. ok

  15. hey im happy 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 why? becuase i need 9 more hits today and then CPT will have 300 hits in just today!
    RED OUT :mrgreen:

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