Sports Catalog + Sports Catalog

Sorry about the late post.

The New catalog was relesed.

Also Rock Hopper’s Rare Item Catalog was released


~ by greenfirez on June 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sports Catalog + Sports Catalog”

  1. green i made you a banner at its right behind cpgolds and kimis

  2. where is your blogroll?

  3. Well i just started this website. Can you tell me how to get there?

  4. ok this is how you add your blogroll: go to My Dashboard, click Design, then click Widgets, and down the left side you should see something that says Links. click “Add” in the box where it says Links, then on the right side of the page click Save Changes. how to add people to your blogroll is you go to My Dashboard, then click Write, and then click Link, and on the first line,put the name of the site, (e.g. Club Penguin Gold, or Club Penguin Trio) and on the second line put the URL of the website, (e.g. and then press Save, and it should be on your Blogroll! 🙂

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