New Clothing Catalog

The New Clothing catalog was released today!


Here are the hidden secrets in the New Clothing Catalog:


First, click on the belt buckle of the Surpernova Suit


Second, Click on the gauge of the Diver’s Suit 


Third, Click on the rubber boots


~ by greenfirez on July 4, 2008.

24 Responses to “New Clothing Catalog”

  1. cool but you forgot one thing the princess hat’s ribbon has a secret item on it and so does the green tabard!

  2. um really big news 😥 me and cali well, just check CP Trio sorry but it’s kind of sad

  3. alright i gotta add u to my blog roll cause u did. i will add you!

  4. i made you a header for your site.

  5. MAD AT CP TRIO? FOR NOT LETTING YOU IN THE BAND! WELL THERES STILL HOPE and are holding a big contest that will possibly make you in another band! Penguin Park with a very intelligant director an amzing singer and a penguin with every intrusment thats ever come out! Join Today! at one of the sites

  6. ok im here green

  7. well ive been with cp trio since their 4,000 hits party

  8. they were really nice and the only people who viewed were like me, bodge, mowloft, slider, aussie, and brax.

  9. well as they got more hits more people starting viewing such as luke401, sargentluke, pikes, you,choirdi,so on

  10. theyre partys were less fun they were making all these new rules and cali and aqua’s posts were becoming very boring and they never visited my website and commented

  11. I thought what they would do is…

    First come First serve Basis

  12. nice reddy commented once every week then to 2 weeks then to 3 now i havent heard from him on my site for a month.

  13. thats not fair though. first come first serve. and whenever i commented on the trio site there were like 15 other people commenting. anyway cali and aqua were being mean to me and my friends oatman, jayman, and even rock o hopp

  14. ok…

    how u think they would choose band members

  15. oh i think they would choose band members by just i dont know theyre friends and i dont know. anyway im going to show u what aqua said to me.

  16. i had nothing to do with the choices i was gone! I’m trying to get a hold of cali and aqua but there not home!!!

    and i think its snotty because cp trio band CP TRIO BAND what about all the other people in the band?

  17. And PLEASE add me to your Blogroll this is from pikes whos been at cp trios site for a month and still hasnt been added even though all the hard work shes doing for them

  18. well, pikes, i need to kno the name of your site

  19. whoa jayman did a huge post thing on this cp trio thing!

  20. heres the link Jayman did it if i delete jayman will get really mad.

  21. dude the source and jayman are the same people just he has like 5 accounts so hes the one that wrote it 🙄

  22. Nice Reddy. Oatman, Jayman5000, and Zebrahorse45 are my friends in real life. theyre in my grade and theyre in my classes. They only comment on on sites if theyre at my house except zebrahorse sometimes to advirtese his site. Chriscap is my little brother. Rock o hopp is some canadian whom i do not know but he told me hes the son of the moderater than plays on rockhopper. ok.
    -The Source

  23. oh well whatever hmm oh and ill be on meebo for like a while!

  24. 400 hits 😀

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