Mission 9 guide (help from kimi07)

Hey people source here and heres the mission guide help from http://kimi07.wordpress.com enjoy! šŸ˜‰

Hello, and welcome to my offical mission guide of spy and seek, made by me!

1. Talk to G in gadget room. Put the 3 tracking devices, the yellow duck, and the blueprint for kite on the wall into your inventory.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge. Pick up all the Find Four chips. They are on the window seal, the phone stollĀ stool , and under the ladder.

3. Go up the ladder. Pick up the Find FourĀ chips by the bricks, on the typewriter (finger powered laptop!), on the table beside the photograph, on the box, and on the otherĀ box in the corner.

4. Pick up the string on the rug and add to your inventory.

5. Go downstairs and talk to the penguins playing Find Four. Give them allĀ the chips.

6. Go to the Forest and pick up the sticks.

7. Put the sticks, the blueprint, and the string together to make a kite. Put theĀ transmitter on the kiteĀ .

8. Go to the SkiĀ Mountain. Put the kite and transmitter on a pole.

9. Go to the Plaza and talk to the penguins. After the puffle blows a bubble, click the gum stuck between the penguins. Take the gum. Put it on theĀ  duck. Then put it in your inventory.

10. Go to the Dock and help the penguin by click, hold, and pull the brown start handle. Then borrow the penguinā€™s Air Pump.

11. Put the Air pump on the duck to inflate it. Put a transmitter on the duck.

12. Go to the Ice Berg, and put the duck on the water.

13. Go to the Mines. Talk to the penguin.Ā  Offer to help.

14. Click the gray beams on the Mine Shack. Click and drag the wooden boards, making the metal beam so the left side is lower than the right. This is a little complex.

15. Click on the overturned cart. Click it again to go up close. Weld all the cracks.

16. Place a transmitter in the cart. Click the cart for it to go.

17. Answer your spy phone. Talk to G at HQ. Take the Binocular 3000 from G (itā€™s on the table).

18. Go to the Lodge. Click on the Gone Fishing door.Go right. Look through the binoculars.

19. Talk to G on the Spyphone.

20. Go to Herbertā€™s camp. Pick up the spy phone. Fuse it with the Binoculars.

21. Put the spyphone/binocular in the big, dark green tree that is right off the exit back to the Lodge.

22. Go to the HQ. Talk to G. Watch Herbert and Klutzy.

23. Collect your medal and receive your chocolates.

If you open the box of chocolates, you can pop them.

~hasta la vista, baby!


~ by thesource00 on October 9, 2008.

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