source for president


Of the Server Fjord. oreo8000 is incharge of the voting Here is what he said:

I decided that I will have an election to have the president and vice president of Fjord. The rules are the same as Tooly’s election. President serves for 3 months, and some one can be president for 6 months (2 terms of office) but that is different from what Tooly did. You must have a running mate and make a video. Once you have your running mate (person running with you for vice president) and your video. Tell me your penguin name, your running mate’s penguin name and the link to the video and then I will add you to the ballot.

Now after deep concencration (actually 30 seconds lol) I chose Aussie229 to be my vice president! I am asking everyone to join me in my campaign for a better Fjord! And More Partys! Woo-Hoo!

~Senator Source~ HERES OUR POSTER! source08


~ by thesource00 on November 30, 2008.

One Response to “source for president”

  1. How can you be president of a server? Its impossible.

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